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Monday, February 09, 2009

Unexpectedly Teaching Again

Apparently Monday is my day to train people without proper preparation.

Friday, Mark came by. He was shambling. Instead of zombies, he had the flu. He was scheduled to teach Outlook 2007 to 18 people on Monday at 9am, and he knew the odds were poor that he'd be up to it. So, could Jo-Ann or I teach it? I looked at my calendar, looked at Jo-Ann's calendar, and it fell to me. Okay, get through the day, prep for the class after our First Friday Social and all will be fine.

Except I sat down to read the instructor guide and realized my system had Outlook 2003 and I was teaching 2007 and I'd never touched it. That's not good.

Also, there were a bunch of prep emails I was supposed to send to the participants, only I don't have a roster, or access to the system that has it. Also not good.

Okay, so I freaked out a bit. I emailed the manager to ask about the roster and such, and to confess I didn't have access to Outlook 2007. But luckily, my brain said, "Erik got a new computer. It probably has 2007." I called and he said, "Um, yeah, maybe? Not sure, I don't use it." But I confirmed he had Office 2007, so the odds are very good for me, and better yet, using it won't mess up his email because he doesn't use Outlook. And I was planning to be in Davis anyway. Awesome.

So I ran through things using 2003 on my system, then went off to dance myself silly at FNW. FNW was awesome. On Saturday I headed to Davis, sat down, and walked through it all again in Outlook 2007. I got emails back from Nancy and they confirmed that Mark (the original instructor) was recovering from his 105 degree fever on Saturday and is down to a mere 101.4 now and would send the emails on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Off I go, arriving at 8:30. The emails are there. The roster is there. The handouts are there. I teach the class. It's the first time I've taught a hands-on class in three years, but it went totally fine. Pacing was spot on. I don't think anyone got really lost. I count this a big win.

So, that's two weeks, two classes I hadn't planned on teaching, and all is well. It's like I'm actually good at my job sometimes. I like that.


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