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Monday, March 16, 2009

300+ Miles

I had a truly awesome weekend. There's a little bit of environmental guilt associated with it, but I'm just going to deal. I have a Prius for a reason, and it's not because I don't drive much. I know, I know, they say the number one thing you can personally do for the environment is to drive less. That is not the story of this weekend.

This weekend started Friday night, picking up Sherman and heading to the city to partake of the Tonga Room. After some hunting of parking, we arrived a little before 6pm to find a line stretching down the hall and around the corner, and a staff member saying, "This line is over an hour. If you're here for Happy Hour, you are not going to make it in in time. Right. So, a set of frantic phone calls and an email message later (hooray for the iPhone!!!), I had successfully managed to abort the mission and redirected all parties to Forbidden Island, which, well, Melissa took good care of us and we enjoyed our four hours there far more than we could've at the Tonga Room. The official mission of ensuring that Arielle had a truly fabulous time was well achieved. Jeff has magic fingers that are indefatigable. Melissa's new drink, the Limey, is awesome - vodka, elderflower liqueur, lime juice, and champagne. It's light and refreshing. I finally managed to connect Paul and Wendy, who by all rights should've known one another years ago, but managed to stay 2 degrees apart through some bizarre quirk of fate.

Stayed the night with Auntie and Sherman and kept Arielle for good measure. We opted to be carpool ninjas and get her home and showered and changed and head to Little India for the Browncoat lunch (with her roomie Gayle in tow). Yummy Indian food and good company was had. Arielle and I left and headed to Dublin for Molly's Revenge. They were awesome once again and dancing was good once we had enough dancers.

Back to the car to head to Davis where a Cute Boy was making me a steak dinner. I don't really eat beef. I gave it up back in the 90's for environmental and health reasons, but about once a year I treat myself to a really good steak. This was that day, and it was a Really Good Steak, with broccoli. Skiing and dancing led to opting to crash early rather than going out.

Up in the morning for chocolate croissants and super yummy bacon before heading to Berkeley for In the Next Room. Good things had been said of the show on several occasions and Gabe and Pfieffer said that one of the actresses reminded them of me, so I figured, what the heck; let's go!

After that, down to San Jose for dinner and a change of clothes before heading to the Lavendrome for the oddest themed party I've been to in ages: Rubik's Cube. You come dressed in many colors of the cube, and try to get solved by swapping clothes. I had been in the house less than five minutes before I'd been stripped out of my blue shirt and green sweater and dressed in a red sweater, red scarf, red hat, and sent on my merry way. Before the end of the night I managed to try an orange outfit (to much acclaim), a green outfit (which was good for dancing), a blue dress (that looked fabulous on nearly everyone), and a yellow outfit (with a lovely yellow dress Anne wore on a cruise). Dancing and merriment rounded out the weekend, in a cube-shaped way.

On the way to work this morning, I realized that I was down to two pips on the gas tank, and I'd filled up on Saturday morning. There was a lot of driving this weekend, but not a single leg of it wasn't worth it.


  • Steak huh?

    If you went skiing, then you really did do a lot of driving. It says alot about the Prius that you did it all on one tank full. My Mazda gets 29 mph which I am quite happy about. Sorry I missed the dancing. I had thought about going to the Rubik's party, but the birthday party I went to earlier that day went late and in any case I was quite tired by Sunday night and so better that I skipped it.

    sounds like an awesome weekend.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 6:42 PM  

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