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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eating Habits

And after my little beef binge of the past week, I'm going right back to cutting it out of my daily diet. Today's little news blip about "people who eat the most red meat daily (about four ounces) are about a third more likely to die over a given decade than those who eat the least (about 19 grams)." Four ounces? That's a quarter of a pound. When I sit down to actually eat something beefy, it's usually more than that, so we'll just go right back to skipping the big dead cow, m'kay? Yeah. Lunch today is a lovely pasta bake with spinach and broccoli made with the awesomeness that is Barilla Plus. This stuff has reinvented pasta for me from a high carb, low nutritive junk food into something that has the protein and fiber I need that just tastes like the junk food I love.


  • How many evenings in a week do you spend making food at home for either dinner or later consumption (lunch )?

    Just curious

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 11:59 AM  

  • There was a newspaper version of this too with lots of percentages of deaths, but no numbers/data for specific ages. That many deaths seemed to indicate an older date range. In the last decade, death is close to 100% no matter how much beef is not eaten.

    By Blogger Kim, at 5:02 PM  

  • Health and nutrition science also always gives with one hand and takes with the other. Drinking a glass of red wine daily will greatly reduce the risk of heart disease... and greatly increase the risk of cancer in women.

    There are a growing number of studies looking at ways to reduce cancer risk. I'll hope they have an answer (or even a cure!) before this becomes a more personal issue for me.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 6:00 PM  

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