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Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Hit and Miss Weekend

Hit: Made tacos for dinner for Alex and Sherman and Erik on Friday night. They came out yummy, just like mom used to make. It was so nice to have some homemade tacos without tons of leftovers. Making them for one is not convenient, so it's been... months... since there were tacos at home.

Hit: Auntie found a super-cute cherry shirt for me. It screamed my name at her in the store. Good of it to do that, because it's totally adorable.

Miss: Tried to go to Forbidden Island to lounge about and sip a tiki drink, but it was so busy there that there was no room to sit and not really any room to stand. So, we headed back for plan B.

Hit: After weighing several options, plan B became "go to bed early." This was an awesome plan.

Hit: Breakfast at Julie's with Alex's Mom and Yo. We sent left Alex to go bridal shopping with the moms while Sherman, Erik, and I headed to Wondercon.

Miss: West Oakland BART had no parking. We gave up and drove into the city.

Hit: Buying tickets in advance to Wondercon is the Right Answer. No lines, no fuss. Just walk in and get a badge and a bag and start the tour.

Miss: Wondercon was very crowded. We missed getting to meet Felicia Day at noon because the line was too long. On the plus side, found the Browncoats and *saw* Felicia Day. She is totally cuter in person.

Hit: Saw the Alien Trespass panel. This looks totally fun. Saw the Star Trek panel. This looks like an epic summer blockbuster. Saw the panel on Up. This looks adorable.

Hit: Stopped at Chevy's for an early dinner. There was only a 10 minute wait for a table.

Miss: Sadly, it took 30 minutes to get a glass of water. Service improved a bit after that, but still wasn't stellar. Food was tasty though.

Hit: Headed to the Gaskell Ball in my lovely new dress. Oh yeah it was a hit. Greg caught a good photo.

Hit: Went for dim sum with Alex, Sherman, Mike and Beth. It was crazy yummy.

Miss: Didn't reach Cyn so I assumed she was busy with her Moms group and couldn't sew today. Turns out she just didn't get my message. D'oh.

Hit: I'd done some comparison shopping on mattress toppers last week and decided the one at Target was the one I wanted, but wanted to wait for a coupon. Got a coupon in my mail and swung by and found it on sale for 20% off. Now my slightly too firm bed is just perfect. The cats concur.

Hit: The last of my Port Salut cheese was just starting to have a hint of mold so I was forced to have yummy mac and cheese with broccoli for dinner. Also finished making soup and baked pasta for the week.

Net result: It was an awfully nice weekend. I'm going to go sleep in my cushy bed now.


  • That was a full weekend. Chevy's has great salsa. I went to Dim Sum with Beth and Mike a couple weeks ago. He knows some good places.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 8:41 AM  

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