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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

iPhone Killer App

Okay, so the iPhone has been great. In general, about the only thing that bugs me about it on a day-to-day basis is its short battery life, but I've taken to charging it during the day at the office and that works into my daily routine pretty successfully. Overall, I'm happy with it.

But then, recently, I utterly fell in love with it. I've got a lot of apps downloaded on my phone, but nothing has been so utterly fabulous as the Public Radio Tuner.

I don't know about you, but getting radio signal in my house has never been easy. The other day, I was cooking in the kitchen, listening to KQED on my iPhone speaker. No reception problems there! I went to Target a week or so ago, and on the way there I was listening to Says You!. Before getting out of the car, I switched to the Public Radio Tuner on my iPhone and wandered through Target with my headphones and didn't miss a question in the game. Tonight at my desk, I had a bit of mind-numbing sorting through email to do to find a couple of messages I should've filed better when I got them. The whole thing is far less painful when you're listening to Marketplace while you do it.

So yeah, the Traffic Info app is cool. Aurora Feint is fun when you're bored. Gas Bag has found me a lot of cheap gas. But the Public Radio Tuner? This is love.


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