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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nag Nag Nag...

Getting others to read your review copy is always a challenge. Today, I hadn’t heard back from anyone on the 17 seconds of text (when read aloud) that I sent regarding the voicemail cutover. Turns out, dropping that message into people voice mailbox will be tricky for the 350 mailboxes in the pilot group, but no one mentioned that in the 3 days that elapsed since I sent the initial message and today’s meeting. So then they asked me to do an email instead and asked when I could have it ready to send. That’s when I scolded them. I can easily have review copy out to you before I leave today, I says, but folks have to give me feedback and either bless it or suggest revisions before I can go forward, so it’s up to you guys. Then I realized what I’d just said. D’oh.

On the plus side, I’ve already had five responses to my newsletter article and two responses to my draft email message. I only sent the draft email out 20 minutes ago. I feel bad about the smack down, but man, the results are awesome!


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