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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sting Swing

The PEERS ball on Saturday was a hoot. Lee is a showman, in the tradition of Barnum. The Nails were awesome. And The Sting stuff actually worked. We had a great time.

Cathleen had originally asked me to play Loretta, but she's not actually in any of the scenes we were doing. In fact, there's the Eileen Brennan character, and pretty much no other women at all. Well, except in a bunch of the stills, there's a cigarette girl.

So I reckon she's pretty much one of the only women in on the con. And heck, I just happened to recently get a dress remarkably like that one. Add a Cigarette and Candy box and voila - instant costume.

photo by David Bedno

Edit: Anthony also caught a cute photo

So yeah, I carried that around for a bit, and two folks absolutely insisted on buying candy from me, which wasn't really the plan, but sure, what else am I going to do with it? So, I cheerfully sold it for cost. After a bit, I stowed it in the kitchen so I could do more dancing. Wheeeeeee!


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