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Monday, April 06, 2009

Can I Has Weekend to Recover From My Weekend?

Every day this weekend, things went wrong. Wrong in a pretty egregious way, in fact. But somehow, I still count the good things for the weekend above the bad. The bad included such things as parking torture in Palo Alto, Erik feeling ill Friday and Saturday, being thoroughly unable to get coffee on Sunday morning and other weird service related issues at breakfast, having 1 girl at Radio Shack with tools and 3 Toyota sales guys all unable to open my key fob so that I can replace the battery, and a thoroughly weird interaction at the Apple Store in San Jose where I could not get an Apple employee's attention to save my life, but the minute I was distracted by a phone call, another customer threw something to knock the last box of headphones off the hook high above my head (that I'd been trying to get an employee's attention to reach for me for five minutes). This led to a bizarre altercation commencing with "You did not just do that" and ending with, "No really, I'm just going to go order some from eBay. I need to get out of the mall now." Finally I came home to find some very stressed kitties who had trashed the house, spilling food, breaking a chair, and knocking over the step ladder. Add to that vomit on the rug and evidence of diarrhea on the kitchen floor and I have to say that I was starting to look forward to going to the relative calm of the office on Monday. I spent Sunday evening doing about four hours of house cleaning and followed that with a couple hours of trying to get Leeloo unstressed enough to be held without biting me. It worked by about 10:30.


Friday Night Waltz was awesome. I'm quite possibly the biggest fan of chalypso that Richard ever created. It's bouncy, goofy good fun. It's like it was made for me. He followed that with the Waterfall Cross-Step. Four figures: He Goes/She Goes with grapevine crossover, then the Nami (wave), then the Magic Wand (inside turn, outside turn, inside turn, outside turn), then Pivaloop. Four cross-step waltzes between each figure pads the pattern and gives you room to collect your brain. Everything is workable for a normal, non-patterned waltz save for the Nami, which reverses on the line of direction, but even that could happen in a little eddy or in the center. Follow that with a couple of hours of silly dances including a chicken dance and an accelerating Night Fever and I was a happy girl.

My favorite treat in Davis is a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant from Nugget. Saturday morning, the croissant was still warm. Yum.

The Dollies were a hoot. I was extremely overdressed, but I think my makeup turned out better than I've ever managed before, and my hair was styled in a very Rita Hayworth sort of soft curled thing. Erik and I represented Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog for the win. And the win. And the win. And yeah, well, I think we took eight awards total. Each acceptance speech was a little different. My personal favorite was holding all of the awards (each a creepy little doll spray painted gold) and having the dolls say, "Joss Whedon would like to encourage you to try his new venture, Dollhouse."

Sunday was a lovely (and leisurely, once I had coffee) brunch for Elizabeth's birthday. Afterwards, we romped off to Target to fill Easter baskets for the kids. I took home a plastic pink flamingo from the dollar bin. Couldn't resist. Life is better with plastic pink flamingos in my office.


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