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Monday, April 13, 2009

eBay for the Win!

Okay, so last Sunday there was the rather bad day (which started with really lovely brunch including peach-pecan coffee cake and good company). It included an altercation at the Apple Store where I opted to walk away from fighting another customer to buy a pair of crappy headphones for $29. I came home and I ordered some from eBay, gambling on if I bought the $3.99 pair and they sucked, then I'd still be ahead if I bought another pair for $19.99 later.

I went to the mailroom this afternoon to see if they'd shown up yet. Since my mailroom doesn't have dedicated staff anymore (budget cuts) stuff is really slow to get from the mailroom to my building, usually taking a week or more. Anyway, rifled through a box of mail and found my headphones. Oh how I've missed these this past ten days! Anyway, plugged them in, made a test call, and listened to some music. I can report that these are at least as good as my original iPhone headphones for sound quality, more comfortable in my ear, and have a button those didn't have which allows me to pause or restart my music where it last left off or answer or hang up on a call. This rocks.

So yeah, $3.99 plus free shipping. I'm thinking of ordering a second pair now just to chuck in a drawer for when something like this happens again so that next time I won't have to wait a week. One pair costs just 13% of the cost of a pair from the Apple Store, so I could buy 7 pairs and still pay less.


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