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Friday, April 03, 2009

Toyota of Stevens Creek = FAIL!


Toyota of Stevens Creek has lost my business for the last time.

It's simple: don't make promises you won't keep.

I got here at 11:30 for an oil change. It was promised back to me at 12:45. At 1:05 I went to check on it. I waited around for 15 minutes while they figured out what happened to my car. They hadn't started it yet, but when they found it, they immediately put it up on the rack and drained my oil.

Now, at the point that you're overdue on a commitment by a half an hour and haven't started the work yet, could you maybe consider asking the consumer if she has MORE time to wait before making her car undriveable? Because if they'd asked, I would've said, "I have a 2pm meeting, so let's do this another day." No, instead, I'm waiting, getting quite anxious, and knowing I'm not going to get to eat my lunch because I'll get to campus late for my meeting. I am pissed.

This is the same dealer that quoted my $989 for my 60k mile service that led me to go seeking other places to get my car serviced. I finally got that service for less than $300. I got a coupon in the mail from Toyota of Stevens Creek offering an oil change and inspection for $29.95. That was what I needed today, so I figured a quick lunchtime trip would be fine. I even got here before the noon rush. Now it's 1:30, and I'm still stuck here. And I'm pissed because they lied to me and are holding my car hostage and probably won't do a thorough job in the rush they're now in.



  • Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. We always had great service at Toyota 101 in Redwood City (off Whipple). If that's not too far for you to drive, maybe give them a try.

    By Blogger CKL, at 7:54 PM  

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