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Monday, April 13, 2009

Science News!

Sugar is linked to so many important functions in our body and processing it is one of the common things that goes wrong as we age. Turns out, even if you're not diabetic, the sweet treat you just ate may be causing your little "senior moment."

Also, I have a freakishly powerful sense of smell. It's inconvenient at times, but also helps me bake well even when I forget to set a timer. That part is awesome. Turns out, there's likely a genetic reason for my super-sniffer.

Bonnie Bassler's TED talk on bacterial communication is AMAZING. Grab a cup of joe and sit down for the 17 minutes here. Bacteria aren't just hanging out, replicating, and doing their thing. They're checking in with each other using a special code unique to their own species. When, and only when, there's enough of the same species together, they turn on special events. This could be bioluminescence or it could be making you dead, but the important thing is, they wait until there's enough to do the thing.


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