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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

I got scolded for the casual approach to the last Campus Partners meetings because we didn't have a few details worked out. This led to a few mid-meeting surprises, and some last minute in-meeting decisions - like when the Campus Partners should have their list of testers to me. I didn't know they were sending their lists to me before the meeting started so I was caught a little off-guard, and suggested that they could send their lists to me by May fifth, and heck, since it's Cinco de Mayo, they could send them with margaritas.

The School of Humanities and Sciences campus partners just walked across campus to bring me margaritas.

We sat in my office, talking smack and swapping tales for the past hour over margaritas.

That was awesome. They said they like me casual and that I'm not allowed to change. I keep things real and fun and down to earth. I could only agree as I sipped my margarita. Good thing I've got a few more hours of work to do before I can leave, because while I'm sober enough to type right now, driving would be bad.


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