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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Good Manager

My current manager is sadly not an awesome manager. He's not a bad guy; he's just not a great manager. I bring him issues, and rather than suggesting solutions and ways to make things work, he tends to freak out and dwell on them. This doesn't help me.

But when I hit the wall of despair today, another manager down the hall said, "Oooh, you should feed that up the food chain so that it doesn't catch anyone off guard. Go talk to Nancy or Jan about that." This was an awesome suggestion. It gave me something to do about it and let me cover my ass. But the really big thing was giving me something to do, rather than to sit at my desk and spiral into doom. So, after a very rocky start, my day concluded with me feeling a bit more empowered and capable of fending off the drama llama.

For me, the good manager is the one who you say, "Ack!" and they offer suggestions. I don't need someone to commiserate on how screwed I am. I need someone to open a window.


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