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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday was my birthday, so I spent my day playing an Alien bent on destroying mutant humans and later as a stewardess aboard a doomed airship. It was awesome.

Let me back up a bit. I took my birthday holiday on Friday and got my hair cut by Jane, who is working again for the first time this past week after her knee injury. With cute hair in place, I headed to Daly City for my 90k service. Luckily, Kirsten was working, and I saw her as I pulled up. She got to take care of my car personally (which is why my mileage sticker now says "Hi Ammy!"). And yeah - that's 90,000 miles in 3 years. There are very good reasons for me to own a Prius.

So then it was time to head to KublaCon. Friday night, Erik, Erik, and I ran the Evil League of Evil auditions again. My favorite new add-in character was the embodiment of teen angst: Whatever. She was hilarious as were many other folks. It's a different game every time because it's all about what the players bring to it.

Saturday, I was lucky enough to get into T & Danielle's game and got to play a character best described as "What if River joined the Reavers before Simon rescued her?" Yeah, messed up. I slashed the doc with his own scalpel and pinned another guy against a wall with a hospital bed. Well, that's what I mimed anyway. Then I spent the rest of the game being a cookie kleptomaniac and learning to play baseball. It was awesome.

Saturday night, I didn't get in to a game and neither did Erik, so we found ourselves at loose ends. A trip to the game library let us check out Tiki Mountain and Category 5. Tiki Mountain was sort of a chutes and ladders type thing that was sort of meh. Category 5 was awesome still. I played it back at the Reg Office game lunches back in the day, but it was out of print then and Max couldn't get another copy. Playing again, it was still an awesome game. The LARPs wrapped up at around midnight, and a lovely post-game party ensued. I served up a few China Clippers and many folks have a new favorite cocktail. The shortest birthday song was sung and life was good.

The next day, I made it into Joe & Dave's game due to the results of the party - seven folks didn't show up on time, so I got in. Woohoo! I was an alien helping the human faction resist the mutants who were taking over the world. I created the mutants in the first place, and they kind of escaped from the lab, so my plan to fix it was to just kill them all. Later, I decided that a bunch of the humans were annoying me too, so I was out to get the mutants and the stupid humans too. This led to an alignment with Dr. Mayhem. Mayhem ensued. Go team evil!

After the game, we checked out Category 5 again and played for another hour before grabbing a burrito for dinner before Xavier's game. I was playing a stewardess on the most chaotic, most doomed airship ever. There were pirates, and murder, and mad scientists, and zombies. My main goal was to make sure everyone had a nice, smooth evening. Um... yeah, no. After the first hour or so, I realized we were totally screwed, so I started serving the alcohol and said to the pirates, "Hey, you guys have a plan, and like a ship and stuff right? Can I come with you?" At the end of the game, my dead (but not really) husband, my benefactor the vampire, and the staff sergeant were all trying to get me off the ship. I'm not sure why, but I made it off alive.

We headed back to San Jose to sleep in and got up to order pizza from Pizza My Heart and head to see Night at the Museum 2, which was awesome. I really adore Hank Azaria, and didn't realize I also had the joy of Amy Adams. She's adorable!

This was followed by snacking on soft serve dipped cones on my front stoop and then dinner with Michelle, Fred, Malaya, Alex and Sherman at Nona's. It was Michelle's first trip and Joreth was in rare form, which was just perfect. In between the caprese salad and the entree came the cherry-vanilla ice cream experiment course. After dinner came the blackberry pie of infinite joy and happiness.

So I came home and crawled in bed and promptly fell asleep without setting my alarm. Work is still not a joy, but I got there mostly close to on time-ish. It was a lovely weekend and a nice getaway and my hair is cute and my car is happy and my clothes are... well tighter than last week. Ahem.


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