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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mountain Air

I suck at taking vacations. I live in a project-based existence where there is always a deadline looming. But this coming weekend, I've managed to save Thursday through Monday with nothing to do but to go up to my grandparent's cabin and breathe the mountain air.

I was up there last Saturday for the day, prepping for fire season by raking a hundred foot perimeter around the buildings. That's a lot of raking. But there's something magical up there. Tromping through the dirt that squishes gently under foot because nothing has tamped it down for a while, with pine trees soaring overhead and the birds making a ruckus. Crunching across layers of leaves and pine needles, with pine cones rolling under foot and stepping over the busy little ant hill. Kicking the red dirt off your shoes before going inside to drink a glass of ice cold water from the tap that pulls from the spring. Breathing deep the fresh air full of mingled scents of pine and wood smoke. I can't wait to spend a full weekend. I need this break. It's a little break, but it's worth every minute.


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