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Monday, June 15, 2009

Fezziwigs Celebrates 4th of July

Last year, watching the Alameda Parade, standing next to Elizabeth, I thought, "Fezziwigs should totally do this!" I turned and said so to Elizabeth. She said, "Yeah?" I said, "Yeah!"

So I had a little dream to fulfill. Imagine a couple dozen Fezzis waltzing past the judging stand. Imagine a Mr. Fezziwig waving to the crowd. Imagine us in corsets and boots and bonnets in July! Well, okay, yeah, it's crazy. Totally crazy. A group that reenacts fictitious English folks marching in an Independence Day parade. Oh yes, that's my kind of crazy!

So I figured it out. I applied. I asked the cast. Turns out, it's their kind of crazy too! Woohoo! I love these guys.

Last night, I got home, and there was a letter from the Alameda Mayor's 4th of July Parade Committee. It said, "Consider your entry into the parade approved." Apparently, we're Alameda's kind of crazy too! Yay!

So, alongside the war veterans and the girl scouts and the church groups and Trader Joe's and Forbidden Island, there will be ladies in corsets and bonnets and gents in top hats and tail coats, waltzing down Park Street. This is going to be awesome!!!


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