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Friday, June 05, 2009

First Friday Cocktails

My boss accidentally instituted a building tradition - First Friday Cocktails. It started with a bottle of Absolut Pear and some cheese. Today, my roomie and I were hosting and I introduced my office to the glory of the China Clipper. We did a summer theme - strawberries, watermelon, cherries, tea sandwiches, orzo salad, chips and five-layer dip, plus Mango Lemonade for the non-alcohol drinkers and China Clippers for the alcohol consumers. It went swimmingly. Everyone had a lovely time.

But I'd had a craptastic day before it started and knew I'd be working all day Saturday as a result. The China Clipper is meant to be a sipping drink, but the first went down easy on an empty stomach. Once again, tipsy at the office. The good news is that this has given me both the time and the fuck-it-all attitude necessary to update and revise the communications plan yet again, for at least fourteenth time on record, not to mention minor edits that didn't get recorded as an official revision. I am so very annoyed at the project manager who touched my document. My manager said, "Why did he get an opportunity to edit this?" And I said, "Because he was helping so that I didn't have to. Now I'm gonna go fix his mess..."

Add to that the training class I need to do on Monday for something that is inadequately documented and which crashes every time I try to use it. All attempts at reasoning with the local IT support fell on deaf ears. Jo-Ann is working on that tonight so that I can put together the presentation tomorrow. Won't that be fun?


  • Hope you got a lot done. Peers was nice. Goofy mini-skits on a Prisoner theme. Arielle looked awesome in her catsuit. There was a vast number of swing dances. Maybe 2 waltzes per hour (?), so it was mostly socializing and listening to music for me. That was fine since I had stayed up late that last two night s anyways.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 1:47 AM  

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