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Monday, June 08, 2009


Having had zero success taming Outlook, I realized that Erik had installed it when he rebuilt his computer less than a month ago. A little cell phone coordination, and by evening I was hurtling to meet up with him in Davis after he returned from Valhalla.

Installed the connector and waited for synchronization to complete, which is really slow over wireless. By 11:40, I was working. It's 1 a.m. and I have a document for tomorrow's class and know how to get around in the tool and what works and what doesn't. Final confirmation notes have been sent to my roomie and to the tech lead. I'll leave here at 6:30 to get to campus around 8:30 to print and prep and go teach at 10.

The good news is that I'm ready. The bad news is that there is a mere 5 hours of sleep in my future. Tomorrow I shall say to my roomie, "So hey, how about we never let this happen again, m'kay?"


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