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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ask the Internet!

Howdy y'all! You've helped me with so many weird tech issues in the past, I just can't resist asking. This is about the iPhone 3.0 software.

We're experiencing a weird issue in that meetings that are declined from an iPhone now disappear. This wasn't true in 2.0, but seems to happen only in 3.0. Is this a feature or a bug? Are they supposed to disappear? There's a secondary problem that the meeting's status is not getting properly updated on the server. It's getting marked tentative on the server. This is odd, but not nearly as puzzling as meeting just up and disappears from the phone when you decline... unless it's on purpose. It's possible. There's an argument for "I don't want to see it if I declined it," but it's just different from past behavior.


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