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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


When I don't have a meeting to kick me out of the house early in the morning, Leeloo often gets her way and grabs some extra snuggle time, pinning me in bed with purrs and kneading and so on. If I do get up, she follows me around with her sleepy face on and purrs and cries at the same time. This often leads to me picking her up and comforting her for several minutes as I brush my teeth or putter around. Turns out, she's a classic example of a cat manipulating her owner with a soliciting purr. She's a love, but she's not subtle. Humans got suckered by cats 10,000 years ago, and the cats have figured out how to make things work for them ever since, with the minor exception of those annoying doorknobs that keep them sequestered. Luckily, these masters of manipulation know how to get their way. On the plus side, we do know how to turn them into blithering fools as well with just a wee bit of catnip.
Such a shame they don't like each other, right?


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