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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Experiencing the Healthcare System

How hard is it to take good care of my grandma? Apparently far too difficult for the professionals to handle well. We're experiencing the nursing home nightmare. Without getting into details that would embarrass my grandma, suffice to say that we're trying to get her home as soon as possible, even if that means we all need to be there to care for her. No one should have to beg to wash their hands before being served dinner. Basic cleanliness would seem a minimum standard, but that's not how it is. I'm sick to death of her being mistreated, and I'm so grateful that she's got us to fight for her.

Also, everyone has to stop trying to test out our health care system at once. At the office, Nuriya's husband is suddenly very ill. Mice's Dad got hit by a car and is in the hospital. Erik's friend had to have emergency surgery in Seattle. Heck, I even ordered a pair of Justin Lacers on eBay (since I danced through the bottom of mine on the 4th of July), and the woman I ordered them from said it would take her few days to ship them because her mom had to go in for emergency surgery.

Anyhow, hopefully we can spring grandma from the clutches of the evil nursing home and get a physical therapist to come visit her at home. She's the nicest patient anyone will ever have to deal with, and she's motivated to improve her health, so you'd think she'd have no problems. Sadly, you'd be wrong.


  • I didn't want to say it at ceili, but it seems sometimes you have to be more careful about the nursing home than the hospital. My grandmother got an internal infection while in the recovery place, and the doctor said 'it was the worse catheter he had ever seen'. You can look up if they have been fined by the state. That place had been fined more than once in the past year. It was quite frustrating. I'm glad she has alternatives.
    My grandfather is in a decent assisted living facility. He could easily live on his own in terms of mental capacity, but for now prefers the home because of his knee problems, he's in a wheelchair and appreciates the help in going to bed and getting up in the morning and getting in and out of cars. He could get by with a nurse in his own house or apartment.

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