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Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's All Done

It went like this.

The migration completed. We moved 6000 accounts from Sundial to Stanford Calendar. I emailed them all to let them know it was all done.

Then we decorated the truck for Fezziwigs. There was more pine garland than any truck should ever have. It was absurd and adorable.

There was a trip to Forbidden Island. My ninjas are awesome.

We pulled the truck into place and waited for the parade to start. Then we danced, walked, marched and ran a little to keep up. I think Kai liked it the best. His favorite pillow held him for the whole way.

We returned to Casa de Fezziwig. We undecorated the truck. I returned it to San Jose. I went to the barbecue at Hare House. Then I fell asleep right after fireworks.

Today was leisurely lunch at Fuzio. The Firecracker Pork Fusili is still my favorite. The raspberry lemonade was pretty good too. Then I made a few quick calls to folks with easy support requests so that they'd have answers as soon as they arrived on Monday. Now it's time for a nap. It's all done. All of it. I totally survived the convergence of my calendar migration and the organization of the Fezzis in the parade. Go me!


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