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Friday, July 24, 2009

Playing the Country Music Backwards

Well, I got my computer back, my grandma is doing well, I have to take a day off on Monday, and Caroline baked me cookies.

My computer is in a slightly funky state. Not everything was backed up. I have no music anymore. The front latch won't close, but Jeremy is going to try to fix that next week. I'm relearning to use the Command key instead of the Control key. This is the dumbest Mac/Windows detente. I don't care what y'all call it, but could it please be the same key in the same place on both systems? M'kay thanks. What I can say is that all of my work related stuff is pretty much right where I left it. This is a huge relief.

Grandma had a rough first day the nursing home, but she's doing much better now. She decided to stay because the physical therapy was so worthwhile. I'm headed up to visit tomorrow after Fezziwig's rehearsal. Also, grandpa's peach tree is ready and yummy peaches await me. I am a girl utterly spoiled on good fruits and veg and the store bought peach I ate today was a poor substitute for Grandpa's peaches. Last night's dinner was a whole tomato (from Grandpa's garden), a few sprigs of basil, and 4 ounces of fresh mozzarella tossed with some balsamic vinegar. Yummy. Grandpa's garden is made of awesome.

At Social Tank on Wednesday, Jeff threw me to the floor and rubbed my back. I didn't realize how much it was aching til I got up the next morning and felt Much Better. Thanks Jeff! Also, social with people was really nice.

I had a payroll question on Wednesday, whereupon the payroll guy pointed out that since we switched systems a couple months ago, my maximum accrual is now actually 400 hours, and the system maintains that, so unless I take a day off between now and next Friday, I'll lose hours of vacation. My initial reaction was "But I can't take time off now!" But then I looked at my calendar and there weren't actually meetings scheduled for Monday, so I told my boss that I'd have to take it off or lose the time and he said, "Have fun!" So I scheduled a car appointment and I have big plans for the sleeping. The sleeping will be fabulous.

Then I got to work this morning and there was a bag hanging on my door. Caroline from Alumni/Development asked me earlier in the week what my favorite sort of cookie was. I said, "The one that makes it so that I don't have to sign into GMail everytime I check my mail, but that's probably not quite what you mean." I then suggested that I'm a huge fan of the basic Toll House cookies. The bag contained something on the order of 2 dozen fabulously delicious chocolate chip cookies. They're baked just right, still kinda chewy, with not too many chips to totally overwhelm the cookies. The card said,
A small token of thanks for the special sessions you conducted at the Alumni Center. They were all appreciated and I've thoroughly enjoyed working with oyu on this project. Everything was shiny because of you. Thanks again! Caroline
Yay! So breakfast was cookies and coffee. Terrible, I know, but so tasty. I walked the halls of Spruce around 4 and offered cookies to folks. No one could resist a second cookie. I now have a much more respectable amount of cookies to take home with me.

I also met with my presentation coach. She actually forced my boss to come watch me teaching, and he admitted to her that I was a good presenter, about 90% of what he'd like me to be, with just the removal of a few words (awesome, bummer, and groovy) from my vocabulary I'd be great. He does not like style nor flair. So be it. She wants me to wear boxier suit jackets with a yoked back. I'm not sure I'm hip to that one. I'll try it, but I've got broad hips, broad shoulders, and a small waist. Hourglass figures and boxy don't go well together.

So everything is looking up. I'm buried at the office, but that just keeps me honest. I'd rather be buried than bored any day.


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