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Friday, July 03, 2009

The Price is Right - The Next Generation

It's been years since I've seen The Price is Right, but I totally loved that show when I was a kid, especially when home sick at Grandma's house. Watching it this morning, after the end of the Bob Barker era, now with Drew Cary, I'm struck by what a showman Bob Barker really was. He took every game, every prize, and every contestant totally seriously. Drew Cary lets you see that these things are goofy. On the Card Game, he says, "And I cut the cards... I don't know why, I just do it." He messed up on someone's job and he did the self-deprecating nerd voice my generation is so famous for. He's one of us. But I don't one of me hosting the Price is Right. I want that superior old man who treats every goofy game as the most important moment in their lives. Interesting.

The bizarre meta-question that simmers along with this thought in my head is the question of whether my training audiences want me, or do they want the superior old man too? Very interesting.


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