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Thursday, July 02, 2009


I think I've earned a merit badge for resilience this week.

Hard drive is totally dead. I have a loaner with no data, but a lovely web browser that will get me through the weekend. Having trouble with retrieving data from the backup, but not in an "it's not there" way, just in a not communicating, not being able to get into the web site kind of way. Meh. I shall deal. New hard drive should arrive in a week.

The main portion of the migration completed ahead of schedule. Adam and Yue are fixing items that had errors and manually tweaking some access rights for resources. The whole thing may be done by 10 a.m. tomorrow, save for the communications that will need to follow. This is AWESOME!!!

Still no clue what caused the late-night malfunction of my smoke detector. Sure hope that doesn't happen again tonight.

Meanwhile, prep for the parade continues apace. Tonight I shall climb up to the attic to pack up my costume.

It stopped being hot after Monday. Sleeping is much more fun when it's less than 80 degrees in my house.

These are the weeks that remind me just what I'm capable of managing. I am mighty!


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