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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bring Out Your Change!

I had to trim my trees. The city said so. So out I go with my sunglasses and my clippers and I hack at the trees for an hour. Eventually, I haul out the step ladder to finish. I follow that with some whacks to the geraniums. A big pile of leaves and branches are piled up in front of my house. Just as I'm carrying the ladder back into the house, I hear the Bong of the Bring Out Your Change truck. Most ice cream trucks have annoying music. The popsicle bar sellers have jingly bells. The Bring Out Your Change truck just goes Bong... ... ... Bong... ... ... Bong! And when it pulls up, it's got soft serve cones dipped in chocolate. It was so perfectly timed. Hot, sweaty, and perfectly ready for ice cream.


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