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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Working

I really seem to have a truly special capacity to bring out the worst in computers. I just got my computer back up and running after the adventures in hard drive failure. I actually just reinstalled my Qarbon Viewlet Builder software today. So, thinks I, I'm back to fully functioning. I've got my backup running successfully. I've got everything encrypted. I've even customized my trackpad behavior. Then, at the end of a meeting, I was talking to Jason about a Skype/Firefox/Zimbra interaction and I got to type up a note to myself and I see this:

Putting it to sleep and resuming gave me a few minutes relief, but then it happened again. A full reboot seems to have resolved it momentarily, but local tech support hero Jeremy said that these are classic examples of a failure that means I need the motherboard replaced. He wondered if there were any lemon laws on these things, because after the DVD drive failure, the battery failure, the hard drive failure, the latch failure, and now the motherboard failure, he's put more work into my one machine in the single year I've had it than he puts into most machines in three years. But Macs just work! Right? Riiiiiiight.


  • I've found macs to usually be less problematic, but especially from a software standpoint. Hardware can go pear-shaped no matter what hardware you use. This could be a loose video cable ribbon, but could easily be bad ram or a faulty motherboard. Take care to see if it happens more often when it's on your lap, at a tilt, when being moved, stuff like that.

    By Blogger Kevin Fox, at 5:41 PM  

  • Sounds like you had a heaping helping of trouble. While I have generally found Apple's hardware to be of superior fit and finish, Kevin is right it could be just about anything.

    I personally had a Mac (one of several) that I ended up calling "Lucky" as in "I'm lucky it is working today" but the others have been flawless.

    My best advice is two talk to Apple about it. They really do stand behind their products. At an Apple genius's suggestion I wrote a letter (not e-mail) to Tim Cook about Lucky and got a call the next week that promised to take care of everything. Sure enough, they did.

    Hopefully your issues will be resolved soon.

    By Blogger Clownfish, at 12:59 PM  

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