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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation - Day Two

Vacation is still awesome. John and Rebecca are wonderful hosts and made us yummy yummy barbecue dinner after we went to the valley yesterday. We rented bikes and tootled around the valley floor, looking at the beauty and grandeur all around us. Then we hiked up to Mirror Lake. Then we decided to be really really dumb and hike over the rock slide because some other guy said it was pretty cool and would take 20 minutes or so. An hour later, we made it to the other side and were well more than ready for lunch. It was cool though. Biking downhill after that was even more awesome. We finished our evening playing Slide 5 with John and Rebecca. It's been such a joy to stay with them. They're happy for the company and we're so thrilled to be so well fed.

Next stop: Disneyland!


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