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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacation - Wrap Up

We had another day in Disneyland. We met another couple in line for Midway Madness. The gent was wearing a coin necklace from the folks who strike them at fair. Turns out, yes indeed, they're fair folk, retired. Randy posted a photo on Facebook today:
DCA with Faye

On Saturday, we slept late, then headed for the bay. There was a nasty traffic jam in L.A. - oh huge surprise, I know! We made it back to the bay area around 7:30 with just enough time to get ready for the Gaskell Ball. The dress I'd gotten at Arielle's clothing swap was perfect. It fit in a bag for a week and didn't end up wrinkled beyond wearing. I forgot my gloves and stockings, but made due with the usual tights and bare hands. We spent the night in Alameda with Alex and Sherman and finally made it back to San Jose on Sunday afternoon. Laundry and dinner paired well with Dollhouse Epitaph One (and the unaired pilot!) and Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day.

Meanwhile, Leeloo and Pixel had been under the care of Erik Powell, a friend of Tracey's who needed a place to crash for a week in exchange for pet sitting. We were a match made in heaven. Pixel and Leeloo figured he was a worthy substitute for my company and acted like I hadn't left them alone for more than a night. During the trip, I kept getting adorable photos of them sent to me every day or two.
who's got a rug?
pretty princess
Since I started the week maxed out on vacation, I opted to take Monday and Tuesday off as well with the intention of housekeeping and relaxing. I was pretty good with the relaxing, but not so much with the housekeeping. Part of that was that my house was cleaner than when I'd left (Thank you Erik!). Part of it was just an attack of the lazy. Monday, Elizabeth and I worked on a warm-up routine for Fezziwigs next year. We'll give it a test drive at rehearsal on Saturday. Today I grabbed lunch with Frederik and met with my financial advisor. Both were lovely. Add to that a little shoe shopping and a bit of tv and kitty snuggles.

After nearly two weeks vacation, I may actually be ready to get back to work!


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