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Friday, September 11, 2009


Eight years later, it's still fresh. The video below shows the second tower getting hit, largely from various stations who already had live cameras on the first burning tower. It's fascinating to watch observers go from, "Dude, what just happened?" to "Oh god. It's intentional. It's not an accident. Oh god."

I still have crisp memories of waking up to news on NPR, thinking it was a weird dream and hitting snooze, then realizing the second time that something was up. It was back in the days when Kev worked at Yahoo and lived in Berkeley, so he'd stayed the night. I went in and woke him up. We all huddled around the television. I started recording CNN on the Tivo. And then I thought, "WWJD?" (What would Janelle do?) And then I made waffles. Waffles were comforting. And while we ate, a tower disappeared, leaving only its smoke behind to drift away in the shape of what remained of the building that had once stood.


  • It certainly does bring back a lot of memories. I live in Australia and had been to New York in March 2001 on a family holiday. We went to the World Trade Centre and were fortunate enough to be able to stand outside on the very top of Tower 1.

    Six months later I got a phone call from my mother around 11.00 pm (our time) and she said to turn on the TV. We couldn’t believe what we saw. One tower had already collapsed and we watched the second one collapse live on TV. I stayed up till after 3.00 am watching events unfold.

    That day it was amazing to see the response from people who live thousands of miles away from where the attack happened. We had a TV going at work all day and in the centre of the city there were large TV’s set up and dozens of people watching the news reports.

    We have lots of memories of the time we spent in that part of Manhattan and there were so many buildings and landmarks that we recognised in the footage shown on TV.

    I am very glad that we had the chance to visit New York in happier times and hopefully that will be the last of such terrorist attacks.

    By Blogger Andrew, at 9:34 PM  

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