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Monday, September 14, 2009

Rain? Hunh. Go figure.

Friday night I went to bed and periodically throughout the night, I'd wake up, hearing something that sounded an awful lot like thunder, but always thinking, "That can't be thunder. What is that noise?" Then I got up, got dressed, and found my car covered in rain drops.

On the way to faire, there was lightning over the bay. At fair, it wasn't raining when we arrived, but by the time of our first dance set at 10:30, it was more than sprinkling. My brain still struggled to wrap itself around the idea of rain, here, in early September.

But then the rain departed until looking up from our 4:30 dance set on Sunday, it looked threatening again. This was no mere fluke little rainstorm. By the time we left the grocery store, it was sprinkling again. After a shower, it was pouring outside. And it didn't let up for several hours.

For the record, it smelled FANTASTIC! Everything is refreshed and clean. And the weather was kind enough to limit itself mostly to times when I didn't need to be outside. Watching the rain come pouring down from the sofa is the perfect way to end a long, dusty day at faire.


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