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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Taming Facebook

Facebook is rapidly replacing all other social platforms. Friendster and Tribe are things of the past. I see the traffic on LiveJournal dwindling. I never did find joy in Twitter. All the other options seem like background noise. Still, Facebook just feels so... invasive.

But knowing that it's likely to be the platform that persists for the next little wave, I figured it's time to tame the beast. Jeff posted an Ars Technica article on Facebook Privacy and so I took a moment to go in and separate folks into a few discreet groups. Colleagues and Close Friends should not have the same access, and now they do not.

Then Sharon posted info on how to get rid of all the Farmville and Mafia Wars (or other silly games I'm not playing) posts on the news feed. It's easy, but I never stumbled across it on my own. As she said, you just:
1) Find a post from the app you are trying to get rid of and hover over it with the curser. A box that says "Hide" with a drop down arrow will appear at the right.
2) Click this box and you can choose to hide posts by that person or for the app itself.
3) Resume your facebook life without wandering black sheep or organized crime!"

I feel like Facebook is like my backyard. If you leave it alone for a moment, suddenly there's weeds growing everywhere, critters moving in, and everything gets out of control. But with a little conscious pruning, it can be a nice place.


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