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Monday, October 19, 2009

Aggressively Affectionate

Perhaps this is unkind, but I'm going to totally out my cat. Cats are supposed to be aloof and dignified right? Not mine. Pixel is a goober. He's an aggressively affectionate goober with a hair fetish. Kevin and Rachel came to pick me up last night for a trip to Swank Farms. Pixel LOVES Rachel's hair. It's the best thing ever. So he hops up on her back and starts giving her the full loving.

Now, this clip is only 30 seconds or so, but imagine that we had time to have the discussion about, "Hey, maybe we should get this on video?" then dig out Kev's iPhone, then select the app and start filming. After the video ends, he's nowhere near ready to hop down and be civilized, dignified, or aloof, but we encourage him to hop down regardless so that we can get on our way. Walking out to the car, Rachel mentions that her hair is a bit soggy.

I love the big ol' goober, and I'm glad that so many of my friends are willing to tolerate his unrestrained affections, but I do wonder if the cat mafia will be out to explain a few things to him when they catch wind of this.


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