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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I went to Decadance auditions on a whim tonight. I'm still amazed at that group and how much they manage to press into their dances. Their audition piece was a combination of Salsa and Hip-Hop. They're an amazingly talented group of folks with a passion for fusing dance forms together into something new and doing it with a smile. I suspect I'll not make the cut. I kept up fine in the salsa section, even without a working knowledge of salsa, but floundered in the hip hop section. I'm no good at memorizing choreography rapidly with only counts of 8 to go on. I need actual calls for a while to get my footing. Still, it was fun.

I wore my new polka dot skirt from Evangeline's and I have to say it performed beautifully. It is made of twirly goodness.


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