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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Redux

Do you ever have those weekends that remind you why you live exactly where you do? I had that this weekend.

Friday was Friday Night Waltz where my Arielle and I dressed up as each other.
which one is which?
I don't know if amused anyone else as much as it amused us, but I had a blast. I danced myself senseless and came home and flopped into bed.

Waking to a lovely morning, lifting up to see Pixel and Leeloo curled up together, I finally made it out of bed. We finished Erik's Buffy education over a bowl of homemade eggplant soup and some Pain au Levain. Venturing forth, we had dinner with David and Emily and friends to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Theirs is still one of my favorite weddings. It was pulled together in two months and yet was beautiful and simple and everything a wedding should be without the fuss of a year's planning. After dinner, we drove to the other side of Lake Merritt for the Gaskell Ball for more fabulous dress-up and dancing.

Spending the night at Alex & Sherman's, we headed to Ole's for breakfast, pulling off cardigans and putting on sunglasses in the warm October sun while we waited in line. Waffles were consumed and a crossword was solved before sending the boys home to play video games while Alex & I visited the Alameda Vintage Clothing and Style Festival at the Elks Lodge. We bumped into several of our favorite people there and I found a dress in heavy burgandy satin that fit like it was made for me and only cost $25. Add to that a hat that looked like Jane had cut my hair just to have me wear this one hat, and I made it out relatively inexpensively. Alexandria found some gloves for Dickens and a tux shirt for Sherman.

After that we ran to Heraldo's Welcome Home party. After touring Japan for the past few months on his bicycle, it was lovely to hear some of his adventures over a bit of tea and sake and an endless supply of treats from Trader Joe's that Anna kept pulling out of the oven.

From there, we headed back to Hayward for Spaghetti Sunday. More than the usual feast emerged with homemade pumpkin pie from Frederik, and homemade banana cream and coconut cream pie from Sarah. Add to that, Magenta's pumpkin fondue and roasted cauliflower and a feast was had to go with hours of fabulous conversation with good friends.

Home again to share a little time on the sofa with the kitties and watch Dollhouse. Finally! Finally Dollhouse is awesome! This episode was dark, but worth every moment. It moved the primary story arc along, but told us all about a single episode, a brief shining moment that deepened our understanding of every character it touched. But it was dark. Oh so very dark. Consequently, we were forced to follow up with an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Tantrum!!!


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