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Sunday, October 11, 2009

You Are What You Eat

I used my blood donation coupons tonight to get out to finally see Julie and Julia and I just loved it. Everyone has cooed about Meryl Streep, but I still adore Amy Adams and even the frumpy haircut and duds couldn't conceal the extreme inner cutie.

I have to say, I really enjoyed watching a movie about two marriages succeeding. I'm busy reading Rebecca right now, and I just really want to slap the main character and demand that she grow a spine. Her insecurities are destroying her life and her marriage and it makes me want to scream. (And another character just needs to be pushed down the stairs.)

And everyone is cheering about Glee, but the characters aren't anyone I want to know more about. The cheer coach especially made it nigh impossible to get through a single episode.

Ultimately I'll never enjoy stories about awful people nearly as much as I enjoy stories about people who are likeable and, better yet, with whom I can feel some common spirit. These two characters had such strong relationships with their partners and it was just magical to watch. I came out of this movie wanting to snuggle the Cute Boy, but sadly, he's 3000 miles away celebrating his brother's wedding.

So I came home from Julie and Julia and made myself a yummy dinner - Port Salut cheese sauce over blanched broccoli and baguette slices pan-toasted in a little Kerrygold butter. You can't go to see that movie and not come out wanting to make an above-average meal. So rather than leftovers or something frozen, I made a nice supper. They brought out better elements in me. I like that.

You are what you consume, and most of the time, I'd rather gobble up good stories and good food and good friends and good times whenever I can.


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