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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Time to Sum Up

Friday and Saturday,I headed to Haunted Fox Hollow. This was awesome. Take two yards, link them with a gate, and decorate for Halloween. No, bigger than that. Fred was the graveyard keeper, complete with lantern, for the graveyard scene. Cyrus and Erin staffed the swamp. Erik and I were pirates in the back. Step through the gate to find Brian as a moss man (cleverly disguised amongst the trees and fallen leaves). Athena the Gorilla and Lindsey staffed the Mad Science Lab. Then in the toxic waste alley, Alexandria beckoned people forth while Sherman did a shockingly good job of pretending to be a mannequin until folks were just too close. Amruddin reached out to scare them before they made it to Alex. Then guests found themselves in the Spider's Lair where Crystal held court while Paul and Karen were wound in silks, meeting their doom. Screams were abundant, but my favorite remains the kid who walked through saying, "Ha!" and "That's cool." and "Whatever." Until he got to the moss man, who reached out and said something to the effect of "Boogah boogah! Get out of my woods!" The kid leapt two feet vertical and landed and composed himself and said, "That's cool." As if no one noticed his little feat of levitation.

Sunday was spent on a bay tour, stopping in at Arielle and Kathy's housewarming and then on to the birthday party James was having. We left there to go see Zombieland, which was the most fun (and the most screaming) I've had in a movie in a long time.

Monday I went to the press screening for A Christmas Carol and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was both entertaining, and stuck to the text as Dickens wrote it, save for one egregiously "Oooh! Look! 3-D!!!" scene that was rather oddly out of place, yet features prominently in the previews. Strange that. While doing the promo, we bumped into a table full of Brits. There's few things more intimidating this time of year than talking to real Brits with your rather rusty fake accent.

Tuesday we had a Fezziwig's Management meeting via WebEx. What happens when you get a bunch of Victorian reenactors together via 21st Century technology? Well, oddly, they seem to get a lot done. Go figure.

After that I ran off to Richard's Fifties Bop and Disco Hustle class. I had dressed for it in polka dot circle skirt that just loves the twirl. I was also gratified to find out that my legs remembered how to do the basic step from the Party Dances class years ago. It was so very much fun. I learned the flea hop. I learned the ooze. I learned the hook behind triple step. It was awesome. I bounced out of there wanting little more than more Elvis and Bill Haley. Wheeeeee!

Workshops on Saturday. Wow. This is it. Dickens is here. I'm sure I'm not ready, but the year hurtles forward without relent. How can it be November again already?


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