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Monday, December 14, 2009

And then there was a sudden nap...

The other thing Mondays are good for is catching up on sleep. Apparently, I needed lots today. I made it out of bed at 11:30, and returned for 2 hours this evening. I just couldn't think straight this afternoon and everything seemed hard. When finding glue in the closet seemed too daunting to contemplate, I went back to bed. A few extra hours of sleep and I'm a bit more motivated now (though now with a minor headache...), but I'm too late to go to ceili, so I may make some more zucchini bread and watch a movie.

Pixel is curled up next to me and Leeloo is asleep in the tissue box. This is good.

The weirdest thing today is that the persimmons are gone. Poof. I went out this morning to pick the rest, and the rest of my branch is totally empty, as if someone did it while I was out. I'm rather confused about that. A few are bird-eaten and dangling, but most look cleanly picked away. I don't know how... but that's the end of the persimmons for the season I suppose. I was hoping to get more out to all those who expressed interest last week, but, um... well, they're gone now.

I'm looking forward to winter closure. I can't wait to have two weeks off work.


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