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Friday, December 11, 2009


After a three weeks of feeling nearly useless at work, I crossed 13 items off my to-do list this week. There is nothing even at risk of being overdue next week. This is awesome.

The Cute Boy has an interview next Thursday for a job in his preferred profession at a college 12 miles from home. I really hope that goes well. Just to get the call for an interview was a miracle in the current budget situation.

Two weeks of Dickens went well. Two weekends to go.

I picked four more bags of persimmons this morning and I have lots of people willing to help eat them. This is good. I hate to see fruit go to waste.

Went to the monthly EE dinner on Wednesday night and Ari made a lovely slaw, an amazing butternut squash lasagna, and perfect (not too sweet!) buttermilk cake. The lambchopper cheese was also a treat. Hanging out with the girls in a safe, warm space was priceless.

I ate yummy turkey soup for lunch all week. It stayed yummy.

I got to watch a Dr. Who special and John Cleese's The Human Face while baking last night. I love the internet. I love Netflix on demand. I love this wacky modern age.


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