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Sunday, December 27, 2009


During Dickens Fair, I wear my hair in the severe, center-parted style of a Victorian woman.

My hair is not its natural color because I started going gray when I was 12.

The net result is that to maintain that hair style, I have to dye my hair more frequently during the run. Since it's brown dye, it grows gradually darker over time. After Dickens, I take the opportunity to lighten my hair each year.

I've tried myriad options over time. I've used Color Oops, which was pretty cool. I've used highlighting kits. I've used Color Zap. This year, I went straight for the basic bleach. Starting in the front, working my way to the back (where I'm more comfortable and naturally darker haired). About five minutes after I finished getting the bleach on, I noticed the front was looking pretty light. So I hopped in the shower.

This morning I got up and did the usual. I've never been blonde before!

Now don't panic! Tomorrow I'll dye it a nice brown. It will all be back to normal. Today I'm just sort of reveling in not recognizing myself in the mirrors as I putter around the house.


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