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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Little Things

Another little joy this week was discovering that the Target in Sunnyvale Towne Center has reopened. It is no longer a mere mortal Target, but one that includes real fresh produce! So, for my grocery needs that can't be met at Trader Joe's, I no longer need to suffer at a Safeway. Indeed, the cranberry juice I'd bought on sale at Safeway a few days ago for $3.99 (a dollar off the price without my Safeway Club card!) could be had for a regular price of $2.54 at Target. The Tillamook cheddar slices I'd paid $4.99 for at Safeway (again, on sale with my Club Card!) were just $3.54 at Target. So, it's cheaper, it's cleaner, and it's got all of the Target goodness to go with my grocery shopping. Oh, and they also built a new parking structure to replace the awful one that used to be there. This girl's got a new place to shop!


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