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Sunday, January 31, 2010

And then Jane fixed my hair...

Last month there was an exciting experiment in chemicals on my head. A little bit lighter became very very light in front and dark in the back.

Through all positive raves and swallowed negative remarks, through growing it out a bit and seeing the effect my roots had on the situation, through attempting to layer on other color and getting mixed results, the one thing that became abundantly clear was that I was in over my head.

So Saturday, when I dragged a herd to get haircuts with Jane, I told Jane that she was welcome to work her magic on it all and get me back to ground zero where I can do my own maintenance of the roots. So now, I have had my hair washed and trimmed and deep conditioned and color corrected and highlighted. It was expensive, but lordy it feels good to not feel like I've got a nice head of hair instead of a head full of Oops.


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