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Monday, January 18, 2010

Because I Needed More Cat Drama?

We're still working on integrating Pixel and Leeloo and Fleck and Pepper. It's had its ups and downs. We're trying a strategy this week to see if Fleck could use a little vacation in an only-cat household. He's staying with Alex and Sherman for a week. He's been woefully unhappy, so we're at a loss for what to do for him since he's neither happy locked up in the blue room nor happy sharing the house with others. There have even been occasional skirmishes between Fleck and Pepper in the blue room, though I have to wonder if that's Pepper being fed up with his incessant whining and finally just hitting him. I worry though that it may be Fleck taking his frustrations out on Pepper. Oy. Pepper meanwhile has been a love and is happy to share space with Pixel and Leeloo as long as it involves being blissed out on catnip and getting a share of the fishy treat.

Meanwhile, Leeloo woke me up twice last night trying to barf. Hopefully this was a one-time aberration and she didn't really eat something else inappropriate. A couple more days of that and she's going back to the vet for more x-rays or ultrasound.

But, tonight, I sat down to work on a communications plan for the Trio project at work, the one thing I just couldn't manage to finish last week. I hear a cat crying outside. Pixel and Leeloo are obviously staring at this cat. I peek out the window and see this cute little grey and white striped tabby staring back at me. I grab a bowl of dry food to take out to him. Turns out he's friendly. Really really friendly. He's more interested in being petted than eating kind of friendly. Oh boy. Then I notice the bite on his tail. He's been mixing it up with the feral population. I've heard fights outside for a week or so, and I'm pretty sure he's the source. He's the new guy on the block that everyone else is telling, "Move along buddy. This is our turf."

So now there's a snuggly tabby that needs medical attention, and I can't just go back inside and ignore it. A quick shout out to Rachel to get her best recommendation, and then packing him off to the shelter. He was very sad about being in a cat carrier in a car, but I slipped a bowl of gooshy food in with him and he ate it all by the time we arrived. Paperwork filled out and cat surrendered, I'm hoping for the best. He was a very sweet boy who was clearly getting wailed on by the locals.

But seriously, enough with the cat drama!


  • Glad you found a place for him! Glad he found you to take care of him!!!!

    By Blogger Rachel, at 8:41 PM  

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