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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Employment Maintenance

So I spent a bit over an hour this morning doing maintenance work on my life as a Stanford Employee.

I fasted overnight to do the BeWell Health Assessment. A few years ago, the health insurance companies started giving big discounts if your employees submit some basic health data. In return, we get discounted exercise classes on campus and a hundred bucks for our trouble. Previously this involved filling out a survey. This year, they upped the ante and wanted blood. So, I let them stab me, and weigh me, and measure me. All the while, there's a vague niggling discomfort with this as an expectation, but I'm rolling with it this year and hoping to take a nice Zumba class in the spring.

Overall, my numbers make the health people smile. Right now I'm about 12 pounds overweight from my ideal, but everything else - blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, glucose, waist size - are all numbers that make health folks very very happy. They ask me about exercise and I tell them about dancing, and invite them to try it sometime.

After finishing up there, I headed over to the transportation office to pick up my Go Pass and Eco Pass which get me free travel on VTA (bus, light rail, and Dumbo Express) and CalTrain. Sadly, they can't seem to sync up these annual passes with the same time we get our annual parking permit, so there's a twice a year interaction with P&TS, but on a random Wednesday morning, there weren't any lines, so I was in and out in ten minutes.

Now back at my desk after pedaling across campus again, I'm waiting for my ears to thaw out while I enjoy my cup of coffee, too much delayed for my preference, but oh so warm and welcome.


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