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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Healthy Eating

I made a lovely dinner last night for girls night. First we had veggie samosas and spinach salad with blueberries, cherries, walnuts and dried edamame. Then we had Erin's fresh baked bread and veggie stew. The stew is:
- 1 bag of frozen black-eyed peas
- 1 bag of frozen corn
- 1 onion, diced
- 1 jar of Classico Organic Tomato Herbs & Spices Pasta Sauce
I boil the peas first in a bit of salted water, then sautee the onions a bit, then throw it all together in a pot and let it simmer for a half hour or so. A little cracked pepper and parmesan cheese on top and it's tasty.For dessert I baked a blueberry-blackberry-raspberry pie. Sure, we had butter on our bread and a dollop of whipped cream on our pie, but no one can argue we didn't get our full servings of very colorful fruits and vegetables yesterday!


  • Made this tonight. Very simple, very tasty. Reminded me of Brunswick Stew a southern specialty but without the meat. Which is a good thing, since the origin of brunswick stew was corn, tomatoes, peas, and meat they could scrape up, often squirrel or dog. Yum.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 5:12 PM  

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