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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

La La Love You

So there's this article in Scientific American about some research behind falling in love. What is it that creates intimacy exactly? The article starts with one of the single most depressing facts I've ever read: "About half of first marriages fail in the U.S., as do two thirds of second marriages and three quarters of third marriages." Yikes. But it goes on to talk about how looking at someone creates intimacy. Reading through the "Soul Gazing" experiments, I started getting weird set of butterflies in my stomach.
Full MoonSee, for years, Belle's home position was to gaze lovingly up at Ebenezer. So reading this research, I suddenly started feeling a little guilty. I guess I'd been sort of artificially creating intimacy with the gents who played Scrooge. Oops. Two failed relationships later (one apiece), I find myself dating (well, um, living with, planning a future, etc.) my former Mr. Scrooge. From a theatrical/character perspective, it was totally the right thing to do, but I have to say, knowing what I know now, I probably would pick a different way to express that. EDIT: Which is not to say that I dislike how things turned out for me!

And it turns out, we can further mold our partners into their best selves by wishing them to be so. I hope Erik can help me grow into my best self. Lord knows he says I've been influencing him of late (for better or worse - he's started to like Diet Coke!). He keeps telling me I'm awesome, so I hope to be able to live up to that.

Valentine's Day is coming up. In our typical geeky way, we're off to DunDraCon, because we say I love you by kicking each other's ass in a game. Oh yah.


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