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Monday, March 15, 2010

Body Fail

Today is made of body fail. I went to bed with a headache brewing last night. Took some ibuprofen before bed, but it didn't kill it. It didn't feel like a sinus headache at the time, so I didn't take any Sudafed. Bad choice. Today all the tell-tale signs of a sinus headache are present - burning eyes, desire to put pressure on various parts of my face, and huge desire to floss my teeth because clearly something is wedged where it doesn't belong. Taking Sudafed now. Harumph.

Meanwhile, I went to donate blood at lunchtime. The Blood Center was not keeping up today and seemed terribly understaffed. Though Erik and I had appointments, we sat waiting in the lobby after our appointment time, then had to wait for a chair to become open after initial processing, then had to wait to get someone to clean and prep, then had to wait to get stabbed. The whole thing took way longer than normal. I warned the tech of my vein's tendency to leap out of the way at the last second. She got it, but I noticed almost immediately that it seemed to be not flowing as normal. Sure enough, it mostly filled the mini-bag, and when she transferred the now non-existent flow to the main bag, nothing came out. Then comes my least favorite part ever - where they wiggle the needle around a bunch trying to get it restarted. Back and forth in in a bit more and out a bit. Argh and ouch! Now with sweaty feet and palms, we give up. I go sit and wait for Erik to finish up, annoyed and defeated. And I have a headache, which I've now realized is definitely a sinus headache since all I want to do when I get back to the office is to floss my teeth. Sheesh.

Out of 11 donations, that's twice they've utterly failed. One more chance and then I think I'll keep my blood to myself for a while.


  • Wow! I'm sorry it was such a rough day for your body. I can relate to the sinus headache, but very rarely to that degree. I know it's miserable, though. I hope you're feeling much better today.

    I have to get some blood drawn tomorrow morning, and I'm desperately hoping it goes (a) better than your experience donating blood yesterday, and (b) better than the last 2 times I had it done after I got out of the hospital. I'm going someplace else tomorrow, so hopefully it'll be a better experience.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11:17 AM  

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