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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last week I was in Target and looking for some Bon Ami, which they didn't seem to have with the rest of the cleaners. Okay, so looking for some toilet cleaner. Maybe something different. I had some hard water stains that had built up and browned over time, and the usual Comet with bleach wasn't tackling it properly. So I took a close look at the options. There was a Lysol Power Toilet Cleaner on sale. There was an off-brand next to it called The Works. They had the same active ingredient, but The Works had it in a much higher concentration, and cost 4 cents more, and well less than the regular price of the Lysol. Let's try that, methinks.

I sprayed it under the toilet rim and brushed a bit and the stains just melted away. One flush and poof, it was all gone. Blink. Blink. Blink. Wow.

I mumble that this stuff is probably pretty toxic, but it sure does work. Erik, ever the chemist, says, "Oh it's probably not that bad." Then he reads the bottle. It's actually pretty darned strong acid. But man does it get things CLEAN! But seriously, wearing rubber gloves is required. One splatter on my hand stung almost immediately.

So I'm reading Gimundo and there's an article about using ionized water for cleaning. I suspect that might be a tad less harsh. I'm afraid my mother trained me too well to prefer a clean bathroom, clean kitchen, and generally clean house. When cleaning, her frequent refrain was, "Don't do a half-assed job of it!" So I learned to clean well. It's good, but I do find that my standards of clean are higher than most other folks ('cept maybe Alexandria whose mother I suspect had standards similar to mine). Still, clean isn't a bad thing. Research shows that people in a clean environment tend to behave better.


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