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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today's tab closing brought to you by the morpheme "Duh!"

Daylight Saving Time doesn't actually save energy. Duh!

We could all take a moment to pause and remind ourselves of some basic mobile phone/smart phone etiquette.

Some jobs really are better than others, and a lot of those take one or more college degrees.

And also, have you started reading "The Customer is Not Always Right" yet? I have to say, it both crushes my spirit, and reminds me to keep things simple, because the folks coming to my classes may not have a clue in the world. Take for example this little gem:
Customer: “Does this honey baked ham contain real honey?”

Me: “Yes, it’s a honey glaze.”

Customer: “Oh, I won’t get it then. It was for my daughter, she’s vegan. She can’t have honey, as she doesn’t believe in eating any animal products.”

'k thx bye!


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