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Monday, March 29, 2010


So I had my first Zumba class at lunch today. It was awesome. Sure, there's the basic, "You want my hips to do what? While my arms do what? Ha!" but overall, there was only one move I never really got by the end of the song. The class went by very quickly and by the end I was a sweaty mess, so I'll count that a big win.

So that brings the weekly tally of planned exercise/dance for the next few weeks to include:
- Zumba Monday and Wednesday at noon
- Ceili Monday at 9
- Tango Tuesday at 8
- Friday Night Waltz
- Ceili Picnic
- plus morning sit-ups and blog-reading weights

So, even if I don't climb on the elliptical during an episode of tv, I'm still doing pretty well most of the time (though I should shoot for two hours a week of that). Here's hoping I can wear my pretty burgandy vintage gown to the June Gaskell Ball.


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